What Medical Procedures Are Used To Remove Moles From The Skin?

23 November 2016
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Common moles are clusters of pigmented skin cells that look like raised dark spots on the skin. They are often caused when the melanin in the skin forms in clusters instead of spreading evenly throughout the skin. Moles are normally harmless and can appear on any area of the body. Fortunately, unsightly moles can be removed safely by a medical professional. These are some common medical procedures that are used for mole removal. Read More 

4 Ways Your Dermatologist May Treat Your Acne

20 September 2016
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If you suffer from moderate to severe acne, then you know just how frustrating it can be to try to get rid of, or even just reduce, your acne. While there are some over-the-counter items that can help, the best way to see improvements in your acne is going to the dermatologist. The dermatologist will be able to treat your acne in ways that you couldn't on your own. This article will discuss 4 ways your dermatologist may choose to treat your acne. Read More 

Aging And Acne: Treatment For Adult Women With Sensitive Skin

13 July 2016
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For many ladies, acne is an embarrassing problem that rolls around when puberty strikes. High school can be a cruel world with lots cruel of 'pizza face' jokes, but many people stop experiencing acne after puberty ends. Unfortunately, this is not the case for every woman. Adult acne is a common problem that undoubtedly causes frustration and damage to self-esteem. Caking on concealer every day may mask the problem, but it certainly does not treat it. Read More 

Sunburn Art: Should You Follow The Crowd?

2 June 2016
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When tanning beds were all the rage, tanners used to place stickers somewhere on their body to block out the UV light, leaving the skin underneath untouched by the rays. The practice had two purposes: it helped people see how tan they were getting and it also allowed them to create cute little designs on their skin. Well, the practice is back in a way. Only now, it's more dangerous.  Read More 

How To Know Whether It Is Time To Visit The Dermatologist

6 April 2016
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It is important to make sure that you are taking good care of your skin. To help you do that, you will want to review the following points that indicate that it is time to seek out the assistance of a professional dermatologist. Severe Acne Many people find that they are able to successfully treat their acne with over-the-counter medications. However, if after a few weeks of steady treatment with such products you find that you are not noticing any improvement, you might be in need of something a little stronger. Read More