What To Expect With A Skin Cancer Check

6 December 2021
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Skin cancer is a very serious and common form of cancer that can affect anyone at any age of any gender. This type of cancer is usually caused by the sun's harmful rays. It can go undiagnosed a lot of the time because not everyone pays close attention to the moles on their bodies, or any new spots that may have popped up, especially when they are located in areas that you don't pay that much attention to, such as your back or the back of the neck. If you have begun to notice a spot that seems unusual, or you just want to have a skin cancer exam to be sure you don't have any spots that could be malignant, you should make an appointment with a dermatologist. Read on so you know what to expect at one of these appointments.

You Will Need To Undress Partially

All skin that is exposed to the sun needs to be checked, so shirts and pants may both have to be removed during the exam. You should have your whole body inspected for unusual spots on the body. This means you're going to have to undress to have everything checked. You don't want to miss a single mole in any hard-to-see area.

Photos Are Taken

Photos of your moles are usually taken to keep track of the progression of their size and shape. The moles or spots will also be measured and this information will all be kept on file to help monitor them. If any spots change in shape, size, or color, they can be tested to rule out if they are malignant or benign. 

A Screening Sample Is Taken

A sample of your skin cells may need to be taken if the dermatologist is concerned about any of your moles. A sample is removed using a scalpel and then the skin cells are tested by a lab to check for cancerous cells. If there are cancerous cells found, further testing will need to be done. The mole and the skin cells beneath may need to be cut out in order to remove all cancerous cells. This could mean coming back for more skin cells to be removed and further testing, and possibly surgery depending on what is found.

If you have questionable moles on your body, or you just want to have a skin cancer screening performed, contact your dermatologist for an appointment and get checked. Skin cancer can be treated, but it needs to be caught early enough before it spreads throughout the body. Get a skin cancer check today.