You Have a Little Something on Your Lip: Three Natural Ingredients to Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

4 February 2016
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Whether you are a man or a woman, it is perfectly natural to get a little, or a lot, of peach fuzz growth on the corners of your mouth. Most women dread when small facial hair starts to come in because the pain of waxing is almost unbearable. Luckily for you, there is a way to get rid of unwanted facial hair without the heat and pain of regular waxing. There are several ingredients that are lurking in your kitchen that will do the trick fast and pain-free.

Sugar and Lemons

Sugar and lemons is the perfect remedy for riding your face of unwanted facial hair. Lemons are full of natural bleaching agents while sugar is rough and will exfoliate your skin.

To use these two ingredients for your hair removal, you will need the following:

  • two tablespoons of sugar

  • two teaspoons of lemon juice

  • 1/3 cup of water

Step 1: Heat the three ingredients together on the stove. Be sure to just heat it up until it is warm. You do not want solution to be too hot because it will cause all of the sugar to dissolve and it will burn your face.

Step 2: Apply the solution to the area of hair growth on your face and let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes.

Step 3: With a washcloth, gently massage the solution in circular motions and then wash away.

You can repeat this process two times a week to ensure the hair stays away.

Raw Papaya Fruit

Papaya fruit is also a great remedy for facial hair removal because they are filled with papain. Papain is a protein that can help prevent hair growth by breaking down follicles. Like the sugar, papaya will naturally exfoliate. If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended that you use this method because papaya fruit is very gentle.

For this method of hair removal, you will need these things:

  • three tablespoons of raw papaya

  • a small bowl

  • a fork

Step 1: With the fork, smash the papaya in a small bowl until you have formed a paste.

Step 2: Apply the solution to the areas of hair grow and massage it in for ten minutes.

Step 3: Using warm water, rinse the fruit from your face.

Repeat this process three times a week for the best results.

Turmeric Spice

Turmeric spice will also exfoliate and remove hair and help stop it from growing back by removing the hair from the follicle. Turmeric is also a natural anti-inflammatory, so your skin won't become irritated and swollen from its use.

All you need to make this solution is two teaspoons of turmeric and two tablespoons of water.

Step 1: Mix the turmeric and water together until you have formed a thick paste.

Step 2: Apply the solution to the hair growth on your face and allow it to sit until it dries, which could take up to ten to fifteen minutes.

Step 3: With a warm washcloth, wash the solution off of your face.

This solution should only be used once or twice a week as the spice is very powerful and could cause your skin to dry out if overused.

Don't let the fear of waxing stop you from removing unwanted facial hair. Use one of the natural and effective ingredients listed above and you will have a hair free upper lip in no time. If you are having more extensive or stubborn hair issues, consider laser hair removal.